What Others Say about Rob Britton

During American Airlines’ rapid growth in the 1980s, our model for developing effective leaders was to move them around on their way up. To be chosen for this cross-functional track, men and women needed to be 1) intellectually strong; 2) inquisitive, and 3) collegial and able to quickly form strong working relationships with people at all levels. Rob Britton met these criteria, and we gave him a number of leadership roles. He flourished in every one of them, and worked directly for me for two years. At RealWorldLeadership, he leverages what he learned and passes it on to aspiring leaders. And he does so with clarity, enthusiasm, good humor, and persuasion.

Robert L. Crandall
Former Chairman and CEO
American Airlines
Speakers on leadership need to bring two key attributes to their audience. The first is real world experience – evidence that they have succeeded as a leader, in meeting and overcoming the inevitable challenges that every business and leader faces. The second is an ability to present the lessons of this real world experience in a concise, engaging, and memorable fashion. Rob brings a rare combination of both these attributes, and always leaves his audiences with lasting ways to challenge their own abilities and become more effective leaders.

Jeff Campbell
Chief Financial Officer
American Express

In my career at senior levels in the UK Department of Transport and at British Airways, I have heard many lectures on management, leadership and the like from many people, some distinguished and some less so. As a general rule, such speakers fall into two categories. Those with real experience of top-level management are on the whole boring: those who are not boring and even witty have no real experience of management and so their lectures are without content. Dr. Britton, whom I have known and worked with for many years, is a rare combination of real experience in management and leadership and presentational skills which make him an amusing and compelling speaker. Rob can both instruct and entertain, so there is a good chance that his audiences will take something away from his lectures that will be both memorable and useful.

David Holmes
Former Head, Corporate Affairs
British Airways, London

Rob is a long time friend of this institution, a deep intellectual scholar, and leader in every sense of the word. He effortlessly presents with analytical rigor, and delivers his messages and insights on complex topics with razor sharp clarity. His energy and passion for teaching (and learning) is unsurpassed. I am fortunate enough to have him regularly enlighten my students here at Wharton.

Americus Reed, II
Professor of Marketing
The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania
Rob has a naturally inquisitive nature, coupled with an insightful and honest intellect. He brings an enthusiasm to the process of discovery that is infectious. He loves to engage, to interact, to teach and learn. A true renaissance man. I have had the good fortune of having Rob as a friend and mentor for over 25 years, and looking forward to the next 25.
Rick Dow
Former EVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Midas International and Burger King

Rob is the Energizer Bunny of teaching.
Jim May
Former CEO, Air Transport Assn. (now Airlines for America)